Kagney Linn Karter from "LiveGonzo". New clip on the page "Pornstars cumshots mix 3"

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The only thing I do not like about this video is the new hairdo of Kagney Linn Karter! Irony aside, we believe that at this time LiveGonzo really is the number one internet sites dedicated to porn, both for the quality of the performances and artists, and the variety of choice that offers and also for the opportunity to interact with the public that connects to the site from home. We think that the choice of LiveGonzo is winning in the today's porn industry, because the shows and performances see at work the best pornstars on a planetary level. The clip that we propose today on our blog is taken from a show that sees protagonist, as we said at the beginning of this post, the busty and unleashed Kagney Linn Karter. The texan artist confirms all of her qualities, the ones from her beginnings on the set (2008) to date have earned to her a special place in the red light star-sytem in the United States and around the world. Also wonderful camera shots in this video that ends with a nice cum swallow performed with lightness and skill by our Kagney. What are you waiting to see this video clip. Click on the link "Pornstars cumshots mix 3" which is in the list of pages to the right of our home page.

Tori Black and Rocco Siffredi: real examples of high quality porn

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Maybe for someone is not clear the concept of "porn of auteur”. We take inspiration from a long email that is sent by an italian friend. He calls himself "stripboy" and declares himself a big fan of Sara Tommasi. According stripboy, we have treated very badly Sara in our blog, "because in reality - are his words – she has proved to be a great performer in both the first and the second film where she starred". Therefore, invites us to write a nice post where we praise Sara as "rising star of italian porn film" (are always the words of stripboy). Dear friend, we respect everyone's opinion but on our blog as we are free to express our opinion. We were not so bads with Sara Tommasi, probably because if she decides to rely on a real director and a real hardcore production, people who know their profession, she may be able to better express her talent which until now has not been seen. I really between the two films I prefer the first but overall it is a very poor work and the performance of Sara is really second-rate if we compare it to those of the great divas. The second film, "Vip, sex and power”, is even lower than the first from every point of view, starting with her performance with Nando Colelli. He, more than a stallion, looks like a frozen cod. The porn is no different from other film genres. Do porn does not mean "fuck in front of a camera" and also in this case on our blog we posted amateur videos much more erotic and engaging compared to the two movies of Sara Tommasi.. I understand the need to Sara to stand out in some way but she could save critical about a true pro as Rocco Siffredi or compare herself to divas of the past as Moana Pozzi or Eva Henger. That movie is scarce, it is a bad work and her performance is impalpable. I invite you to look for good, even on the video that we published in the "Pornstars cumshots mix 3". Look at the details: for example, when Sara rides her partner in reverse cowgirl. She is static, she is not erotic. Look at her expression and the face of Nando Colelli and tell me if they express desire and eroticism. Not to mention the cumshot: Sara's expression is that of a woman who is in the tailor’s shop while they are attacking a button on the jacket, sticks her tongue out waiting for the facial but then he does a measly squirt on tits. She looks her partner in a detached way and looks a little around, she is absolutely unable to play with the camera. The scene is really poor and not save it even a little anal sex which among other things is taken very badly by the camera. This is not porn dear stripboy. If you are looking for a rising star of italian porn, go watch the movies of Valentina Nappi. Also, if you really want to know how is the true porn, I invite you to watch the video that we shared in this post. The main characters are Tori Black and Rocco Siffredi in a very famous scene taken from "Tori, Tarra & Bobbi Loves Rocco" (2010), beautiful film “all sex” produced by "Evil Angel". If one day someone decides to give a lecture on porn, this is a video to show. Good vision.

Tori Black vs Rocco Siffredi anal fuck brought to you by HardSexTube

Porn Memories: "Striscia...la coscia"

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For me it is almost mandatory, in my "Porn Memories", mention this movie because in my opinion it is one of the best italian productions of the early twenty-first century. The italian title is "Striscia...la coscia", literally translated in English would be "Crawl ... the thigh." In fact, the film is a porn parody of the famous satirical news program broadcast in Italy from 25 years, "Striscia la notizia". Released in 2001, distributed by "Top Line Video" and directed by Nicholas Moore, is a film "all sex" but equipped with a simple plot. The protagonists are the authors, conductors and staff to video footage of a small  light-hearted broadcaster of the italian province who have decided to start broadcasting of a satirical news program and are looking for new female faces that can act as a showgirls to the transmission, animating it with their interludes and dancing just like in the real "Striscia la notizia”.  At the center of the film then there are the auditions of girls who are willing to do anything to be successful on television. The cast of this film contained some of the best artists of the europea porn cinema of that period: Karen Lancaume, Silvia Saint, Desire Vinci, Dolly Golden, Dolores and Eva Falk. Hard to say which is the most beautiful scene because it’s all breathtaking, starting with the first sequence of group sex that features Dolly Golden and Dolores (pictured). Very spectacular is another group scene, the one with Silvia Saint and Eva Falk along with three male partners. Among the protagonists of the film there was also Desire Vinci, who played the role of Sonia, a "camerawoman". 
Stunning in this regard the last scene that sees two alternate sequences of sex, with the camera that lingers on the audition of a fantastic Karen Lancaume (pictured) that becomes a beautiful threesome with the two presenters of the program, while the two camera crew, Desire and her colleague played by Bruno Sx, end up getting involved in the boiling atmosphere and have sex in their turn. The film is characterized by extraordinary performances.

Anal sex and cum swallow on the beach by a german couple. New clip on the page "Public cumshots"

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We have always said that from the point of view of porn, Germany is currently the home of the best productions with non-professional actors. The topic of sex in public places is recurring in the hardcore german industry and what we show you today is not the first video clip, among those included in our blog, shot outdoors that shows an excellent performance. But if I express an opinion, this clip is amazing, it's a video of great artistic quality that offers a performance of anal sex worthy of a great pornstar. The main character is a young girl and she is absolutely fantastic in every position and circumstances. At the end of her performance, she does a beautiful cum swallow in the foreground. It's a video unmissable for lovers of anal sex and for lovers of public sex that, judging by how many times you visited our page dedicated to the public cumshots, are really a lot. All to enjoy our new video, watch it by clicking the link "Public cumshots", to the right of our home page in the list of pages. Have fun!

Boobjob, missionary and cum over tits. New clip on the page of Angel Dark

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The boobjob or tittyfuck is definitely one of the favorite erotic situations by men. In front of the big tits this is definitely the recurring fantasy from the sexual point of view and then if the girl in question has abundant natural tits like those of Angel Dark, we believe it is really the top. The theme of today's video that concerns the great slovak artist is just that. We see the lucky male partner of Angel receive treatment super exciting, when the diva sprinkle with oil her fantastic tits and proposes a boobjob with all the trimmings. The clip continues with a good fuck in missionary and a satisfying cumshot on the beautiful tits of Angel Dark, a recurring theme of the scenes that sees her in the main role, almost mandatory when mother nature has endowed her with such a beautiful gift. To see our new clip, click on the link "Angel Dark" to the right of our home page in the list of pages.

Full scenes: Valentina Nappi, dp from "Anal Debauchery 3"

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Honestly, it is a bit of months that I wanted to make this post. I wanted to give the right emphasis but, after the initial exaltations for the performances of an artist who seemed really amazing, I not wanted to take a big mistake. Today, little more than a year since her debut in the hardcore industry I can say with satisfaction "finally!". The italian porn has again a queen. Is not Sofia Gucci, for which I always use the term "queen of the porn made in Italy" because despite being an extraordinary artist, our Sofia is not italian by birth. For new italian porn queen I mean, therefore, Valentina Nappi, a rising star that is burning stages and was able to acquire in one only year a well-deserved international reputation. She embodies the typical mediterranean beauty: brunette, busty and hot, volcanic as her hometown (she was born in Naples). It is still very young, in fact fulfilled 23 years in November, but she already has a series of works for many prestigious international productions such as the british "Harmony Vision" and the american "Evil Angel". I saw Valentina for the first time in some spanish productions as "Culioneros" and "Cumlouder”, but he also worked for Mario Salieri and Rocco Siffredi, for "21Sextury", "Mofos", “Brazzers” and "Reality Kings”. She also participated in the casting of Pierre Woodman.
An hardcore industry of great traditions such as that italian had really need of a great artist like Valentina, a girl in the end very simple and authentic lover of her profession. By her own admission she has in fact shot her first scene with Rocco Siffredi in Rocco's POV 24 without any financial compensation and her professional resume clearly shows the portrait of an artist who mainly seeks the quality. We recommend therefore to Sara Tommasi and to many other self-styled artists of italian porn to take example from Valentina. In our blog we want, therefore, to pay homage to her with a scene in full version, taken from "Anal Debauchery 3", film by "Harmony Vision" released last year. The video highlights her extraordinary skill in anal sex and double penetration. To see our beautiful Valentina Nappi, click the link "Full scenes" in the list of pages to the right of our home page.

Bibi Jones fucked on the sofa. New clip on the page "Pornstars cumshots mix 3"


We have pointed out on more than one occasion. The love of american porn fans to Bibi Jones is really huge. We are not even able to count the number of emails that we have received in almost two years, since we started this blog, in which they have asked to us photos and videos of the beautiful artist from Oklahoma City. The last in order of time was that of our friend James who follows our blog from Los Angeles. James is very young, 22 years old, and sent us a picture of his room whose walls are completely covered with posters and photos of Bibi. He asked if we could post on our blog a video from the first film of Bibi Jones for Digital Playground, "Assassins" (2011). We therefore decided to please James by posting a clip from the scene that sees the talented Bibi along with Erik Everhard. To see it, you must click on the link "Pornstars cumshots mix 3" which is in the list of pages to the right of our home page. Have fun!
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